Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Epic Triathlon - First Podcast Episode!

Mont-Tremblant IRONMAN transition.

Hi everyone!

So, I was in Mont-Tremblant this past weekend and was able to watch parts of the IRONMAN event. It was pretty cool! I've made my first podcast. Please check it out!



Friday, July 18, 2014

Richard Murray Laughing in Hamburg

Richard Murray shows that he has a lot of character during the World Triathlon Series race in Hamburg 2014. During the cycling portion of the race, Murray doesn't hesitate to make a joke with the cameraman. He was in the chase pack on the bike, and being a very strong cyclist, he wasn't impressed with the other riders in his pack. So, he looked over to the cameraman and gives the "so-so" gesture.

Richard Murray Cycling

Murray, the triathlete from South Africa, finished in 14th position. It's a respectable finish for a race in the competitive international triathlon series, however, it's far from Murray's best race. He was 30 seconds behind the leaders coming off the bike. He ran a fast 14:34 5 km, but it wasn't enough to make up the gap in this shorter sprint-race format.


Richard Murray comes from a background in duathlon. He then surprised the triathlon community with his powerful running stride and strong sprint finish. In the video below, he describes an Xterra race that he did in 2013.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Covering the ITU Winter Triathlon in Quebec City for Triathlon Magazine Canada

I was on assignment this weekend in Quebec City covering the inaugural ITU Winter Triathlon. The ITU put triathlon into the summer Olympics and now they are eyeing the winter Olympics too! Check out my article for Triathlon Magazine at the link below:

The event was very well organized and I can't believe how well I was taken care of as a member of the press and at the hotel. I'm very excited to attend the event next year!

I was completely blown away by the caliber of the elite athletes. There was huge depth in the field, with experts in each of the three sports present on race day!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

American Olympic Swimmer Missy Flanklin Backstroke Drill: How to Swim Backstroke Faster

U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin, 4-time gold medalist at the Olympics, shows us how to practice head stabilization during backstroke. Keeping your head still while performing backstroke will help you get faster. In an extremely challenging drill Missy Franklin shows us how much stability it requires to become an Olympic backstroke swimmer.

Missy Franklin Backstroke Drill

To perform the Missy Franklin backstroke drill, you'll need a water bottle - ideally bring an extra one, don't use the one that you're going to be drinking from, because it will fall into the pool! Also, you want to be able to adjust the water level. Fill the water bottle about half-way. More full, is more challenging.

Swim backstroke and place the bottle on your head. When your on your last stroke before your flipturn, grab the bottle and turn.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Chris Kemp: A humorous "Day in The Life"

I have another hilarious video for my readers today. Chris Kemp, an Australian pro triathlete, shows us how to make some money while training.

If ever you needed a little inspiration to go professional, I think this video is for you. On his webpage Kempy, Chris reminds us that it's never too late to go professional. He spent several years working as a financial accountant before becoming a pro triathlete.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kiwis in Boulder Colorado: New Zealand Pro Triathletes Making it Happen

Trying to make it pro? Are you ready to sleep four in a bed? Take a shower while someone brushes their teeth? That's what it takes when your government is unwilling to put hardworking taxpayer dollars to good use so that you can swim, bike and run all day.

These guys are funny. "Stay out of my veggie garden you cheap-ass Kiwis!"

Raw-chicken detox diet. Quick way to lose a couple kilos!

The canoe lift - Come to Canada!


Is it sad that I've actually crowded around an iPhone like that?

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