Monday, August 1, 2011

First Practice in a Few Days

I sometimes get annoyed when other people complain about their sports related injuries. I tell them to toughen up at keep at it!

But that may not always be the best approach. I've had a nagging abdominal/hip problem for the past month. It was mostly associated with running, but it even hurt to walk or sit up straight. I took 4 days off from training and feel much better now.

My first practice back today was 3 km swimming on my own. It felt great. I was working on a set where I start off by sprinting 50 meters and then settle into a pace for 50 meters. It's to work on my weakness, which has been to get away with the leaders or at least someone on the swim.

My next race is the Verdun Triathlon in two weeks! Hopefully I can get in some good training before then. I also have a 5km running race in St-Anne this weekend. It's part of the Circuit Endurance in Montreal.

Talk to you soon,


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